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: ndz wrz 19, 2004 21:15
autor: Smortyven FCM
Hi there.
Information to all.
We are still leading the danish SAS-Liga, 1 point ahead of Brondby Copenhagen. :D
Yesterday (saturday) we beat local rivals Silkeborg 2-1 at home on the "fortress" :D :D
We have now played 9 matches on the new stadium, and we have........9 wins.... This is danish record...We're unbeatable on our beloved "fortress"
:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Now this wedensday (22.9) we will play another local rival....our most hated enemys from GREEN-ASSHOLES Viborg. :evil: :evil: :evil:

Lets hope for Zidan to make 2-3 against these snotties, that'll teach'em a lesson.... :wink:

Keep the faith
Smørtyven - Duma Stolicy (well actually we're from the countryside)

: ndz wrz 19, 2004 22:09
autor: Oiolosse
Congratulations! :D