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: sob sie 14, 2004 11:06
autor: Bobby
Jacor82 pisze:The best kind of music for me is hip-hop, especially polish and french but sometimes I use to listening some skinheads tracks ( Konkwista 88, Honor 88 ) because of the great music that appears on them.
:roll: :roll:

dunno, if You know real Skinhead music...... :roll: :roll: :roll:

: sob sie 14, 2004 23:47
autor: Jacor82
I prefer Polish Skinheads to for example English Skinheads music like polish not american(black) hip hop. The words sound best in my language :) 8)

: wt wrz 14, 2004 22:07
autor: Bobby

: pt lis 11, 2005 22:40
autor: pk
Bober pisze:The first music group it´s maybe, Medina Azahara. ... and_id=836

Essa grupo me gusta mucho.

: pn sty 22, 2007 18:42
autor: Kamienny
I prefear English rock... :) Namely Muse, Placebo, RaidoHead... :)

Re: Music

: czw cze 30, 2011 10:33
autor: Hultaj - powrót
My favorite music genres are: Oi!/streetpunk, punk'77, punk rock, Oi!-core, HC, Ska, Skinhead Reggae, Gabber, Death Rap...

My favorite German punk bands are: Oxymoron, Loikaemie, 4 Promille, Molotow Soda und Stomper 98.

In 4 months in Warsaw will play Volxsturm. Played a few times already Loikaemie and Towerblocks.


Re: Music

: śr paź 17, 2012 11:33
autor: MagdaP5345
It depends of taste. For me the best music is power metal :)

Re: Music

: ndz wrz 15, 2013 20:03
autor: tadkoks
MagdaP5345 pisze:It depends of taste. For me the best music is power metal :)
Ooo, we have the same taste of music! :)
And - this is the best of taste 8) :lol: