Pawel Kowalewski & RKS Radomsko

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Pawel Kowalewski & RKS Radomsko

Post autor: Jokser.Ru » śr lut 11, 2009 13:30

All greetings. I wish to ask you, fans of Polonia, to tell about such player as Pawel Kowalewski. On a site id=961 about it there is not enough information. Only 1993/1994 year. I'm from Russia, but since recent time take a great interest in the Polish football. And this person is very interesting to me. Since we namesakes (My name is Pawel Kowalenko) also were born in one day - on March, 1st.

And also tell please about team RKS Radomsko. In particular about a season 2001/2002 when this team played Ekstraklasa. Only please not statistics, namely a club life, about their players and so on.
If who knows English write on it, to me the Polish language is heavy for understanding.
Understand, it is all not a joke, to me it is very interesting and important for knowing.